Jeff Day


Serving Commercial and residential customers in Rhode Island since 2003
Rhode island Telecom License # 6860


Digital Antenna & TV Streaming

If you are thinking about "cutting the cord" but don't know where to start? Give us a call. For $100, we provide an in home consultation - where we go over all of your options based on your TV needs. If additional hardware or services are needed,  we apply the consultation fee towards the order! We WILL save you money every month! 

Network upgrades


Are you looking to add to your home/business network? From wifi to surveillance cameras, we've  got you covered. Everything is "smart" now. Smart TV's, Smart watches.....Even Smart toasters are part of our world. Give us a call, we can make sure you are just as "smart" as the rest of your house!

Network Wiring

Are you building or renovating a home or business? Now is the time to run all the cabling to have your place ready for today's technology..... and more importantly, tomorrow's! Sometimes you really need a telecommunications expert to make sure you have what you need....before the walls are up! Let us discuss a wiring plan with you.

Home Theater Setup


Do you want to feel the explosions in your action films, or hear the crowd roar while you watch the big game? We hang that big screen TV you've always wanted where ever you please and wire the room until the sound goes boom! 

Computer Setup & Repair


Do you need help setting up new workstations at your home or business? Is your device not acting the way you are expecting? Give us a call, we specialize in Apple/Mac repair. 

Help with really anything


What did I leave out? I'm a problem solver at heart. Technology is my jam, let me know if there is anything else I can help out with. From web registration to email domain setup, we can help! 

Comfortable with streaming, but not sure which service to go with? Click the tool box for our Streaming Provider selection App. You tell it the channels you can't live without, and it tells you which provider is best for you!

At Better Days Technology, we specialize in cord cutting services, and that goes beyond TV service. Are you tired of paying for your expensive land line, but don't want to get rid of it and loose access to the phone number? We can help you save money every month by porting your landline over to a cell phone using Ting. Here's a referral code to save you $25:

One call to us, and you'll be having Better Days!